Kevin Schmitt (Owner/Head Coach)


-West Virginia University '10

-CrossFit Level 1

-CrossFit Level 2

-USAW Sports Performance Coach/ Club Coach

-ACE Certified Personal Trainer

-Former Level 10 Gymnast

-2015 USAW National Championships (15th place)

-2016 USAW National Championships (11th place)

-2017 USAW National Championships (15th place)

-2016 PA State Weightlifting Championships (1st place) 

Sam Donini

I have been CrossFitting since April 2012. I became interested in sports at and early age and participated in many sports through high school and beyond (baseball). I have been a teacher and coach for 17 years including coaching women's volleyball for 13 years. Ever since my first WOD I have been hooked (I drank the Kool-Aid). I enjoy seeing people grimace with pain during a workout only to finish with a smile on their face. The sense of pride and community we have created at CFS is awesome! I enjoy everything CrossFit has to offer from olympic lifts, to muscle ups, to rowing. I push myself harder everyday and hope to help others achieve their goals. I am married to a CrossFit wife and have a wonderful 3 year old son (soon to be CrossFitting).


-CrossFit Level 1

Mindy Jankowski


-CrossFit Level 1