• 12/18/14

    Please make sure to protect your hands for the WOD today!!! Also, the 1st On Ramp course for 2015 will begin on January 5th. If you have someone interested in joining, please have them get in contact with me to sign up or to try a free class.



    Every 90 sec x 5 sets: 6 muscle cleans (50-60%) + 6 reverse burpees



    A1) tuck holds/L-holds on parallettes: 30 sec x 3sets

    A2) ME pushups: 30 sec x 3sets



    "Death by Pull Ups"

    0:00-1:00 = 1 pull up

    1:00-2:00 = 2 pull ups

    2:00-3:00 = 3 pull ups

    *Continue adding an extra rep each minute until you cannot complete the required number of pull ups within that given minute. Your score is the las completed round.

  • 12/17/14


    A) back squat: 50%/10, 60%/8, 55%/10, 65%/8

    B) push jerk: 5 x 4sets (AHAP)



    handstand holds/walks



    For time:

    -50 calorie row OR Airdyne

    -50 over the box jumps (24"/20")

    -50 ft OH lunge (135/95)

  • 12/16/14


    Every 90 seconds: 4 snatches + 6 lateral burpees

    75% x 3sets, 85% x 3sets



    ring muscle ups/ progressions



    3 rounds for time:

    -60 double unders

    -20 KB snatches (32kg/24kg)

    -20 ring dips

    -20 K2E

    *Time cap is 20 minutes.*

  • 12/15/14

    We will be using the whiteboard for at least the rest of this week. I need all of you to write your name/email on the sheet posted on the fridge. This will be used to get you set up with Wodify.


    A1) front squat: 50%/10, 60%/8, 55%/10, 65%/8

    A2) strict pull ups: 5 x 4sets (3 sec pause w/ chin over bar)



    ME rope climbs x 1 minute x 3 sets



    AMRAP 9 minutes:

    -3 wall balls (20/14)

    -3 hang power cleans (115/75)


  • 12/11/14

    ​Yesterday's WOD was on the longer side. Today we move to the other end of the spectrum with something short, sweet and to the point.



    Every 90 seconds: 5 S2OH (60% of 1RM jerk) + 5 strict pull ups



    1 minute ME sit ups x 3sets (score is total reps on you lowest round)



    CF Open WOD 12.1

    AMRAP 7 minutes:

    -ME burpees to a 6" target

  • 12/10/14

    ​You guys are going to start seeing some changes around the gym pretty soon. Starting tonight, Sam, Jenn and Mike will be running the evening classes on Wednesdays. I will most likely be at the gym (not always), but they will be in charge of coaching.

    Starting in January we will start using a program called Wodify. It is essentially a digital white board. The area where the white boards are at now will be replaced with 2 large TVs, and a computer. One will show the WOD and one will show a leaderboard. You will be able to log your scores using the computer or an app that you can download. I will also be able to do automated billing which will make it easier on you and myself. You can still pay with cash/check if you so choose. There are a ton of other awesome features that we will be using, but its WAYYY to much to type out.

     Starting at some point in the new year you may be seeing some other types of classes popping up in the schedule as well. I have yet to make a decision on this, but will keep you all posted.



    A) back squat: 5/65%, 4/75%, 3/85%, 2/95% x 2sets

    B) bench press: 3 x 4sets (AHAP)






    "Wittman" 7 rounds for time:

    -15 KB swings (24kg/16kg)

    -15 power cleans (95/65)

    -15 box jumps (24"/20")

    *25 minute time cap*



  • 12/9/14

    KILL CLIFF BARS HAVE ARRIVED!!! They are $3/bar and we have all 4 flavors in stock.



    Every 90 seconds: 2 snatches + 6 step down box jumps (30"/24")

    80%/ 3sets, 90%/ 3sets



    rope climbs (post WOD)



    "Jackie" for time:

    -1000m row

    -50 thrusters (45/35)

    -30 pull ups

  • 12/8/14

    I hope everyone had a good time at the CFS Chrismast Party!!! A big thanks to Emily and AJ for hosting!!!


    For those of you itching to do benchmark WODs, this is your week. We will be doing several benchmark WODs throughout this week! If you miss one, make sure to get in during open gym times to make it up,



    A) front squat 4 x 4sets @ 85-90%

    B) push jerks 1 x 6 sets (AHAP)



    muscle ups/progressions




    21-15-9 for time:

    -Deadlifts (225/155)




  • 12/4/14


    1) The CFS Christmas party is on Saturday!!!

    2) If you plan to bring toys for Stuff-A-Bus, I need you to bring them in by Friday morning. Stef and I will be heading up to drop them off after the 5:45am class.

    3) December payments are due TOMORROW. If you bring them in Saturday they will be considered late and you will have to pay the late fee. 



    A1) back squat: 4 x 4sets @ 85-90%

    A2) strict pull ups: 5 x 4sets (3 sec hold with chin over bar)



    muscle up progressions



    AMRAP 3 min:

    -3 OH squats (95/65)

    -9 lateral jumps over bar


    AMRAP 3 min:

    -3 ring rows

    -3 ring dips


    AMRAP 3 min:

    -3 wallballs (20/14)

    -3 burpees


    *1 minute of "walking" rest between each AMRAP.*

  • 12/3/14

    Dues for this month must be in by Friday!!!​ If you bring your dues in Saturday they will be considered late and you will have to pay the $10 late fee.



    Every 90 sec: 10 power cleans (50%) + 4 burpees over box (30"/24")   x 5sets



    handstand holds: 30 sec x 4sets



    3 rounds for time:

    -60 double unders

    -30 KB swings (24kg/16kg)

    *Every 2:00 perform 10 V-ups*



  • 12/2/14


    Every 90 sec x 5 rounds: 10 power snatches @50% + 1 rope climb



    bar muscle ups/ pull up progressions



    AMRAP 12 minutes:

    -9 S2OH (135/95)

    -6 C2B pull ups

    -3 front rack lunges/leg (135/95)

  • 12/1/14


    1) "On Ramp" for December starts tonight @ 7PM. It's not too late to sign up. If you have someone you know that is interested in joining, get them in tonight. The course will end Dec 22nd. So, it won't interfere with Christmas plans.


    2) December payments are due this week by FRIDAY!!!



    A) front squat: 6 x 3sets @80-85%

    B) bench press: 5 x 3sets (AHAP)



    A) L-holds/tuck holds on parallettes: 30sec x 4sets



    For time:

    -30 cal row

    -30 T2B

    -30 alt. 1 arm DB C&J (35/25)

    -30 clapping push ups

    -30 lateral box jumps (24"/20")

    *15 minute time cap.*

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