• 10/23/14


    1.) The November OnRamp Course begins Monday, November 3rd at 7PM. If you have someone interested be sure to get them in to try a free class before then!

    2.)Please have T-shirt and sweatshirt money to me by Tuesday.

    3.) New equipment has been coming in each month. Please treat it with respect so it lasts as long as it should. Also, if you see something broken or damaged, please let me know ASAP so I can get it fixed or replaced.



    Every 60 seconds until failure: 2 power snatches (start @ 65%)



    ring muscle ups/progressions



    EMOM 12 minutes:

    -8 barbell step ups onto 20" box (45/35)


    -Even minutes: ME KB snatches (24kg/16kg)

    -Odd minutes: ME rope climbs



  • 10/22/14

    ​Shirts and sweatshirts are ordered!!! Please have your money to me by Tuesday. All sweatshirts (zip ups and scoop neck) are $45 and shirts are $20.


    I need all Fright Farm money by TONIGHT!!!



    A1) strict press: 4 x 2sets @ 85%, 2 x 2sets @ 95%

    A2) strict pull ups 10 x 4sets (use weight if able)



    back extensions on GHD: 10 x 4sets (use weight if able)



    AMRAP 3 minutes:

    -15 double unders

    -5 T2B

    AMRAP 3 minutes:

    -burpees to plate

    AMRAP 3 minutes:

    -row (cal)

    *1 minute rest between each AMRAP*


  • 10/21/14


    Every 60 seconds until failure:

    2 power C&J (start at 65%)



    15 second L-hold + ME dips x 4sets



    For time:

    -10 hang cleans (95/65) , 1 box jump (24"/20")

    -9 hang cleans, 2 box jumps

    -8, 3... 7, 4... etc until 1, 10

    *12 minute time cap*

  • 10/20/14

     FRIGHT FARM is this SATURDAY!!! A few people have had to drop out... We still need 7 people to make the minimum of 30 people. I need to know by tomorrow if anyone else wants to come. If we can't get at least 30  people then there will be no bus or VIP tent. So, if you want to go or have friends/family who are interested let me know ASAP!!! Please have the money for Fright Farm to me by Wednesday at the very latest. The cost is $60/person.


    The order for the shirts/sweatshirts goes in today. 



    A) back squat 8/60%, 5/70%, 3/80%

    B) deadlift 5 x 3sets 



    handstands/handstand walks



    AMRAP 15 minutes:

    -20 KB swings (24kg/26kg)

    -25 ft handstand walk

    -20 step OH lunge (35/25 plate)

    -50 double unders


  • 10/16/14

    Those of you that said you were going to be bringing friends along to Fright Farm, please put their names on the list so I can get any accurate count.



    Every 75 seconds until failure: 3 hang cleans (start @ 60%)



    A1) kipping movements

    A2) reverse hyper: 10 x 3sets (HEAVY)



    AMRAP 8 minutes:

    -7 box jumps (24"/20")

    -6 T2B

    -5 ring dips

  • 10/15/14 CrossFit

    I will be placing the order for the shirts/sweatshirts on Monday!!! Make sure you are signed up before then.



    front squat 2 x 5sets @ 90%



    ring muscle ups/progressions



    5 rounds for time:

    -50 double unders

    -10 deadlifts (185/125)

    -5 HSPU (6"/4" deficit)

    -2 rope climbs


  • 10/14/14 CrossFit

    Please make sure to get signed up for Fright Farm by FRIDAY!!! We need at least 30 people signed up and are still a few people short... If we don't have 30 people we won't be getting the bus or VIP tent since that is the minimum. The cost is $60/person.



    Every 75 seconds until failure: 3 hang snatches (start @ 60%)



    Turkish Get Ups: 7/side x 4sets (AHAP)



    21-15-9 for time:

    -Row (cal)

    -burpees over rower

    *10 minute time cap*



  • 10/13/14


    1)We are still a few people shy for Fright Farm. If you are coming or you have a couple friends coming, please put your/their names on the sheet. I need all Fright Farm sign ups by FRIDAY!!! The cost is $60/person. I need all $$$ by MONDAY (a week from today). Cash only, no checks since the money is not going to the gym.


    2) The order form for the shirts/hoodies is up on the fridge. I will be placing the order on Friday. If you want a sweatshirt, make sure you are signed up. I won't be ordering very many extras. The extras I ordered last time were claimed within a day of getting them in.



    A) weighted strict pull ups - 1RM test day (reps are on white board)

    B) strict press: 6 x 2sets @75%, 4 x 2sets @85%






    AMRAP 10 minutes:

    -10 C&J (95/65)

    -10 pull ups

    -10 box jumps (20")




    AMRAP 5 minutes:

    -5 C&J (135/95)

    -5 C2B pull ups

    -5 box jumps (24")




    AMRAP 2:30:

    -2 C&J (185/125)

    -2 bar MU

    -2 box jumps (30")


  • 10/9/14 CrossFit

    Two things:


    1) We still need a few more people for Fright Farm. If you have one or two friends that you would like to bring feel free to invite them. Make sure to put their names on the list. (FYI they must be of drinking age due to all the alcohol.)

     2) I haven't gotten the proofs for the hoodies yet... I will post the proofs for the t-shirts today as well as a sign up sheet. The same design will be used for both the shirts and hoodies.



    Every 90 seconds: 5 power snatches (increase weight each round until failure, snatches must be T&G)



    bar muscle ups/progressions



    400m run x 6

    (rest 1 minute between each run)




  • 10/8/14 CrossFit

    Sorry for the late post... The internet was out this morning and I haven't been home since the.



    strict press: 10/55% x 2sets, 8/65% x 2sets



    A1) :45sec handstand holds (on wall) x 3 sets

    A2) reverse hyper 10 x 3 sets



    For time:

    -1000m row

    -50 push ups

    -40 KB swings (24kg/16kg)

    -30 "step down" box jumps (24"/20")

    -20 barbell lunges (45/35)

    -10 lateral burpees over bar

  • 10/7/14 CrossFit

    Great job with 1 RM deadlifts and "Karen" yesterday!!! There was somewhere around 30 PRs on deadlift!!! If you forgot to put your PR on the "PR board" make sure to do so next time you are in.


    Strength: Every 90 secs until failure: 5 power cleans

    You will start with a bar at 50%. After completing a set men will add 10# and women will add 5# until you fail to complete an unbroken set of 5 within the 90 sec window.



    10 sec L-hold/tuck hold + ME ring dips x 4sets



    AMRAP 10 minutes:

    -25ft inch worm

    -10 K2E

    -1 rope climb

  • 10/6/14

    We will be ordering new shirts and hoodies soon. I will have the mock ups on the fridge with a sign up sheet tomorrow. I won't be ordering very many extra hoodies, so if you want one make sure to get signed up.


    Strength: deadlift 5/70%, 3/85%, 2/95%, 1/101%+ x 3sets

    *After your set @ 95%, set the bar 5# over your current 1RM for your 1st set of 1.



    ME strict pull ups x 3sets



    "Karen" for time:

    -150 wall balls (20/14)

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