• 4/17/17

    The next On Ramp course begins Monday, May 5th! Be sure to get your friends/family into the box to try out a class. Let me know 24 hours ahead of time so I can accommodate. Also remember if you bring someone in (local) to try a class you are entered in a drawing to win a Fit Bit. If they join, they get entered and you get a total of 5 entries. I have decided to extend this drawing into next month, so be sure to get everyone you can into the box.

    I will be offering a Summer membership for college students. The cost will be $200 and will cover the whole Summer (May-August). Any students that don't go to a local college can pay $250 and that will include the Summer and any breaks/weekends they are home. I will need a copy of their full time schedule for next year/semester (12+ credits) to get the discount.

    Strength: back squat 4-4-4-4  +  front squat 5-5-5-5 (% are on the white board)

    Skill: 15-15-15 (go light)

    WOD: 21-15-9 for time:

    -hang power snatch (115/85)

    -box jumps (30"/24")

    *11 minute cap*

  • 4/16/14

    Strength: snatch 7-7-7-7 (start at 50%+)

    Skill: muscle up progressions

    Conditioning: For time:

    -20 cal Airdyne

    -25 strict pull ups

    -30 wallballs (20/14)

    -35 butterfly sit ups

    -40 KB swings (32kg/24kg)

    -45 push ups

    -50 lateral jumps (12 inch hurdle)

  • 4/15/14

    Strength: C&J 7-7-7-7 (starting @ 50%+)

    Skills: handstands/HS walks  + hollow rocks 5x20sec

    Conditioning: AMRAP 7 minutes:

    -25 double unders

    -5 cleans (185/115)

  • 4/14/14

    With the weather warming up, be sure to bring shoes for running outside. Also, don't change into your OLY shoes before warm up and ask if you can just row or ride the bike instead of changing your shoes again.

    Strength: back squat 5-5-2-3-1  +  front squat 5-4-4-4 (% are on the white board and no the rep order is not a typo)

    Conditioning: 3 rounds:

    -1 minute DB snatch (60#/45#)

    -1 minute over the box jumps (24"/20")

    -1 minute ring dips 

    -1 minute OH lunges (15#/10#)

  • 4/10/14

    We have had a TON of PRs this week! Keep up the hard work. Only 6 more weeks of our Hatch Squat Program...

    Strength: back squat 4-4-4-4  + Front Squat 5-5-5-5 (% are on the white board)

    Skill: handstands/HSPU

    Conditioning: For time:

    -30 V-Ups

    -20 HSPU

    -1000m row

    -20 HSPU

    -30 V-Ups

  • 4/9/14

    Strength: snatch 1-1-1-1

    *10 minutes to warm up to heavy weights. Then 4 maximal attempts.

    Skill: L-holds on parallettes

    WOD: 4 rounds: 

    1:00 ME C2B pull ups

    :15 sec rest

    :1:00 ME double unders

    :15 sec rest

    1:00 ME deadlift (225/155)

    :15 sec rest

    1:00 ME double unders

    :15 sec rest

  • 4/8/14

    Strength: C&J 1-1-1-1

    * You will have 10 minutes to warm up your C&J. You then have 4 attempts at maximal C&J. NO EXTRA ATTEMPTS.

    Skill: muscle up progressions


    5 rounds for time:

    -7 box jumps (30"/24")

    -15 push ups

    *8 minute cap. This WOD is a sprint. No rest time should be taken between rounds or movements.

  • 4/7/14

    Strength: back squat 6-6-3-2  +  5-4-4-4 (% are on the white board)

    * You MUST perform 2-3 warm ups sets MINIMUM at lighter weights. As much as I tell you guys to do this, many of you just don't listen. Do it, no exceptions!

    Skill: KB snatch technique

    Conditioning: 10 minute KB snatch test (24kg/16kg)

  • 4/3/14

    I will be finalizing the shirt/tank top order today. I need to know ASAP what size/color you want. Message me of Facebook or shoot me a text.

    Payments for April must be in by SATURDAY!!! There is a big chunk of you who pay 3 months at a time that are due this month.

    Strength:  back squat 6-6-6-6  + front squat 5-5-5-5 (% are on the white board)

    Conditioning: "Dirty 30" for time:

    -30 box jumps (24")

    -30 jumping pull ups

    -30 KB swings (16kg)

    -30 step walking lunge

    -30 K2E

    -30 Push press (45#)

    -30 supermans

    -30 wall balls (20#)

    -30 burpees

    -30 double unders

    *30 minute cap

    **I had originally planned to do "Filthy 50" today, but I didn't want you guys to go ridiculously over time in class. This is the same movements, but with only 30 reps of each.  We are substituting sueprmans in place of back extensions since we don't have a million GHDs. There is also a "Horrible 100" version which you may see as a partner WOD down the road.

  • 4/2/14

    Strength: C&J 3-3-3-3 (start @ 75%)

    Skill: muscle up progressions 

    * We will be beginning our 6 week muscle up progression this week! Please only work on what I tell you. This builds off of the skills we do each week.


    500m row x 3

    *Rest as needed, but no more than 5 minutes between each effort. All sets should be all out efforts. You will record all 3 sets.

  • 4/1/14

    Sorry for the late post... The internet was out at the house and I can't post properly from my phone.

    I hope all 3 of out teams got tickets for Patriot Games. It sold out in just under a minute!!! I spent 30 minutes hitting refresh on my laptop while sitting in the Target parking lot...

    Strength: snatches 3-3-3-3 (starting at 80%)

    Skill: handstands/ HS walks

    Conditioning: 5 rounds for time:

    -10 hang power snatch (95/65)

    -50 double unders

  • 3/31/14

    LOTS of announcements:

    The 2014 CrossFit Open has come to a close! I am proud of all of you for doing your best and pushing through even when it got tough.

    Payments for April are due by the 5th (Saturday). Please get them in on time. "Forgetting" to give me your payment by then is not a valid excuse and you will then have to pay the $10 late fee.

    The sign up sheet for tanks/t-shirts is on the fridge. Please write your name and size on the sheet by WEDNESDAY! Ladies I will need the colors you want as well. Men's t-shirts are $20. Women's tanks are 1/$25, 2/$45, or 3/$60.

    This week I will be starting everyone on a 4-6 week muscle up progression. Even if you have muscle ups these progressions should help iron out some of  your inefficiencies. You will be working on progressions 1-2 days/week and I will give everyone some supplemental stuff to do if you have time.

    Strength: back squat 8-6-4-4  +  front squat 5-4-3-3 (% are on the white board)

    Conditioning: AMRAP 15 minutes:

    -15 pull ups

    -15 box jumps (24"/20")

    -15 Russian twists/side (25#/15#)

    *Now that the Open is over, box jumps must be actual jumps. Step ups will be considered a modification.

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