• 9/18/14 CrossFit

    Just a reminder about the schedule this weekend:

    1) Saturday there will not be normal classes. There will be Open Gym from 8:30AM-10:30AM. I will have a barbell workout written and Mike will be there to work on Mobility with anyone that needs it.

    2) No Sunday Open Gym. We have 6 teams competing in the Iron City Meltdown. Everyone is welcome to come cheer on the competitors.


    Also, for those of you competing this weekend. The suggested rest schedule is:

    Thursday (today): rest and mobility

    Friday: Active recovery (short run, row, etc)

    Saturday: rest and mobility

    Sunday: COMPETE!!!



    10 minutes to find the MAX for: 1 snatch + 1 hang snatch + 2 OHS






    2 rounds for time:

    -20 single ring rows

    -20 push ups

    -20 alt. DB snatch (45/35)

    -20 box jumps (24"/20")

    -20 power snatches (95/65)

    -20 wallballs (20/14)

     *20 minute cap*


  • 9/17/14 CrossFit

    The class schedule for this weekend will be slightly modified due to the amount of people we have competing on Sunday at the Iron City Meltdown. I encourage everyone to come out and support our teams as they compete!!!

    Saturday: Open Gym 8:30AM-10:30AM (I will have the Barbell programming written out if anyone still wants to do it)

    Sunday: NO CLASSES



    A) back squat: 4 x 4sets @85%

    B) deadlift: 2 x 4sets @ 95%






    "Death by 10 Meters"



  • 9/16/14 Barbell


    A) power snatch: 3 x 5sets (ascend in weight starting at 70%)



    A) push press: 6 x 2sets, 3 x 3sets (AHAP)

    B) bent over rows: 8 x 3sets (AHAP)

    C) GHD sit ups: 12 x 3sets

  • 9/16/14 CrossFit

     For those of you competing at the Iron City Meltdown on Sunday:

    Here are my recommendations to you. Today should be you last day doing a WOD at 100% intensity. Tomorrow I want you to drop to 75%-85%. You will rest Thursday and do extra mobility. Friday you should do some type of light cardio (i.e. run 1 mile, row 2000m, etc.) Saturday will be rest and mobilizing again. Compete Sunday. I have found this strategy to work well for most people working up to a competition.



    10 minutes to establish MAX weight for: 1 clean + 1 hang clean + 2 jerks



    bar muscle ups/progressions



    AMRAP 14 minutes:

    -7 KB swings (32kg/24kg)

    -14 T2B

    -28 double unders

  • 9/15/14 CrossFit

    This is the last day to get your score sheets to me for the Clean Eating Challenge.



    A1) strict press: 60%/8, 65%/7, 75%/5, 80%/3, 85%/2

    A2) weighted strict pull ups: 4 x 4sets (AHAP)



    ring dips: ME x 3 sets



    EMOM 8 minutes:

    -8 OH lunges (95/65)

    -ME lateral burpees over bar

  • 9/11/14 CrossFit

    Please take some time to remember those were killed in the 9/11 attacks. Also take time to thank all the Fire fighters, EMS, Police officers and members of the military who sacrifice their lives day in and day out for the defense of you, your families, and the great country we live in.



    10 minutes to establish a MAX for : 3 cleans (all reps are touch and go)






    Part #1:

    -2001m row or run


    Part #2:

    AMRAP 9 minutes:

    -11 deadlifts (175/125)

    -11 T2B

    -11 back squats (170/110) *reps come from the ground*

    -11 ring dips


    *The rep scheme and weights all have a meaning: 

    2001= the year 2001

    9 = September

    11 = 11th day and Flight 11 (hit the north tower)

    175 = flight 175 (hit the south tower)

    125 = # of people killed in the Pentagon

    170 = flight 93 (crashed near Shanksville, PA) + flight 77 (hit the Pentagon)

    110= # of floors in each of the twin towers

    4 movements to represent the 4 flights that were hijacked and crashed

  • 9/10/14 CrossFit

    Those of you who have not weighed in and/or turned in your score sheets for the clean eating challenge must do so ASAP!



    A1) strict press 1 x 5sets @ 95%-100%

    A2) weighted strict pull ups 4 x 4sets (AHAP)



    L-holds/tuck holds: ME x 3sets



    Every 3:00 minutes for 15:00 minutes (5 total rounds):

    -15 wall balls (20/14)

    -3 rope climbs

    -10 burpees

  • 9/9/14 CrossFit

    Those of you participating in the Clean Eating Challenge need to make sure you are weighed in by today. I will have extra score sheets at the box. I will be posting our winners on Friday!!!



    10 minutes to establish MAX on the complex: 1 snatch + 2 OHS + 1 snatch 

    *2nd snatch must be touch and go*



    handstand holds/walks/pirouettes



    "Isabel" for time:

    -30 snatches (135/95)


    -Rest 3 minutes-


    "Grace" for time:

    -30 C&J (135/95)

  • 9/8/14

    September On Ramp Course begins TONIGHT @ 7:00PM!!!



    A) front squat: 6 x 3sets @75%

    B) deadlift: 4 x 4sets @85%



    A) bar muscle ups/ progressions



    For time:

    -400m row

    -40 box jumps (24"/20")

    -40 pull ups

    -40 double unders

    -40 step walking lunge

    -40 butterfly sit ups

    -40 push ups

    -400m run

     *20 minute cap*

  • 9/4/14

    Your dues must be in by today or tomorrow morning at the very latest!


    I will be out of town until Sunday evening. Sam, Mike, and Jenn will be running classes while I am gone. Please be courteous and respectful.


    There is NO FRIDAY OPEN GYM this week. All other classes are running on schedule.



    10 minutes to est MAX weight for: 1 clean + 2 jerks



    GHD sit ups: 10 x 4 sets



    For time:

    -50 cal AD sprint

    -40 split jumps

    -30 T2B

    -20 burpees

    -10 over-the-box jumps (36"/30")

  • 9/3/14

    Yes, I sound like a broken record... Get your dues for September in ASAP!


    Some more competition plates should be arriving at the gym today! I hope everyone likes the new plates. Over the next couple months I plan to purchase a lot new equipment to help with our growth.



    A1) strict press 2 x 4sets @ 90%-95%

    A2) weighted strict pull ups 4 x 4sets (AHAP)



    A) 2:00 double under test



    10 rounds:

    -100m run

    -2 ring muscle ups (mod is 5 ring rows/ 5 ring dips)

    -3 G2OH (135/95)





  • 9/2/14 CrossFit

    ​Please get your dues in ASAP. Preferably by Weds night/Thursday morning since I am going out of town, but yes you do have until Friday to get them in.


    The September "On Ramp" course begins next week on Sept. 8th at 7:00PM



    A) back squat 6 x 3sets @75%

    B) dead lift 6 x 3sets @75%



    A) ring muscle ups/ progressions

    *I will be introducing some of you to some new progressions.



    21-15-9 for time:

    -KB swings (32kg/24kg)

    -push ups

    -box jumps (24"/20")

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