• 8/21/14 CrossFit


    A) 10 minutes to establish MAX on the complex of: 2 power cleans + 2 push jerks



    A) pull ups/ C2B/ bar MU



    AMRAP 20 minutes:

    -400m run

    -5 S2OH (185/125)

    -3 legless rope climbs

  • 8/20/14 CrossFit

    Please make sure to write your name/goals up on the "Goals" board. Write them up in black. When you achieve a goal you will circle it with color. Please write up at least 3 goals. They don't all have to be CrossFit related.



    A) back squat 8 x 3sets @ 65%

    B) dead lift 6 x 3sets @ 75%



    A) GHD sit ups 10 x 3sets



    EMOM 8 minutes:

    -8 UB wallballs (20/14)

    -ME double unders

    *Score is total double unders. Make sure to go all the way to the end of each minute on the double unders.

  • 8/19/14 CrossFit


    10 minutes to find MAX complex of: 2 power snatches + 2 OHS


    Skill: ring muscle ups/progressions



    For time:

    -25 OHS (115/85)

    -25 yd inch worm

    -25 over-the-box jumps (30"/24")

    -25 ring dips

    -25 DB snatches/arm (45/35)

  • 8/18/14

    All of you that run Tough Mudder on Saturday are most likely sore/achey. If it only muscle soreness make sure to move around or it won't get any better. If you are feeling any pain or joint soreness it may be a good idea to take another rest day and/or work on extra mobility.



    A1) strict press 5 x 3sets @ 80%-85%

    A2) weighted strict pull ups 8 x 3sets (AHAP)



    freestanding handstands/ walks/ pirouettes 



    With at 10 minute timer:

    -1000m row

    -Then in the remaining time complete ME T2B. You must perform 7 burpees before you get on the bar for each set. Score is total T2B.

  • Schedule Changes for 8/16/14

    ​We are running a modified schedule for Saturday classes this week. All the coaches except Jenn will be participating in Tough Mudder. The only classes we will have are:


    8:30AM - On Ramp

    9:30AM - Team/Partner WOD



  • 8/13/14 CrossFit

    Great job on the WOD yesterday. Everyone (well, almost everyone) was pushing at 100%. Interval workouts are an awesome way to improve conditioning. There will be a lot of them in the programming over then next chunk of weeks.


    Today's conditioning is simple. No 5k or series of 200m repeats. Just a 1 mile run. That being said... I want you to really push on this! We will retest this at the end of this set of programming. If you miss today be sure to make it up during open gym time.



    A) 10 minutes to find a MAX for the following: hang snatch + mid hang snatch + high hang snatch

    B) snatch pull to shrug: 3 x 4sets @ 100%




    *I would really like those of you who have been attached to the wall to start trying to move off the wall into freestanding handstand holds. I am here to spot  you if needed. Those of you will good HS walks should be working on pirouettes so you can extend how far you can walk.



    1 mile run for time 

  • 8/12/14 CrossFit

    Those of you doing the Clean Eating Challenge, you need to be weighed in and have you sheets to me by Tuesday of each week. If you have not handed in you sheets please do so today.


    Tough Mudder is this weekend!!! We have a lot of people doing it. Saturday's class schedule will be modified since all the coaches except Jenn are running in the mudder. There will be no barbell or mobility classes. There will only be On Ramp at 8:30am and Team WOD at 9:30am.



    A1) strict press 7 x 3sets @ 65%-70%

    A2) weighted pull ups 8 x 4sets (AHAP)



    GHD sit ups 10 x 4 sets



    5 rounds:

    -30 sec ME wall balls (20/14)

    -30 sec ME alt KB snatch (24kg/16kg)

    -30 sec ME alt DB split jerk (35/25)

    -30 sec ME power clean (135/95)

    -1 minute rest

    *Score is total reps accumulated during all rounds combined.


  • 8/11/14 CrossFit

    Great job to the ladies who ran the CrossFit 5k yesterday! You all did great.



    A) Front squat: 10 x 3sets @55%

    B) Deadlift: 8 x 3sets @65%



    A) Bar muscle ups/progressions



    For time:

    -20 burpees 

    -20 box jumps (24"/20)

    -10 burpees

    -10 box jumps

    -5 burpees 

    -5 box jumps

    -10 burpees

    -10 box jumps

    -20 burpees

    -20 box jumps

  • 8/10/14

    NO SUNDAY OPEN GYM THIS WEEK! ​I (and Sam) will be going to cheer on the members running the CrossFit 5k and the other coaches are unable to come in and cover class. Sorry for any inconvenience.


  • 8/7/14 CrossFit

    Awesome job with the "31 Heroes" WOD yesterday and thank you to all those who decided to donate to the 31 Heroes Project!!! I'm sure many (if not all) of you are pretty beat up and sore from yesterday and earlier in the week.

     Today's WOD is meant to be approached as a recovery WOD. I want you to focus more or full range of motion and proper movement patterns. I would recommend pushing yourself through the WOD at around 75%-85% effort. If you weren't here yesterday then feel free to go all out on the WOD.


    Strength: 5 attempts to find a med/heavy weight for: 2 snatches + 2 hang snatches


    Conditioning: For time:

    -1000m row

    -40 push ups

    -30 KB swings (24kg/16kg)

    -20 wall balls (20/14)

    *Perform at 75%-85% effort unless you missed yesterday.


    Skill: Extra mobility work


  • 8/6/14

    Today we will not have any strength or skill work. The only thing we will do today is a partner hero WOD (after warm up). We will be doing the "31 Heroes" WOD, since today marks the 3rd anniversary of the incident. I will be donating money on behalf of the our box. If you wish to add anything, feel free, but do not feel obligated to. The answer is yes, you can modify the weight/movements if you need to. If you want more info on the 31 heroes, go here:




    Conditioning: "31 Heroes"

    AMRAP 31 minutes: (in partners)

    -8 thrusters (155/105)

    -6 rope climbs

    -11 box jumps (30"/24")

    *Partner A will start with the AMRAP portion while Partner B runs 400m with a 45/25 plate. When partner B returns from the run, partner A will take the plate/run 400m, and Partner B will pick up on the AMRAP where partner A left off.

  • 8/5/14 Barbell


    A) 3 cleans + 1 jerk: (3 sec pause below knee on each clean) 65%/ 4 sets

    B) jerk dips: 100%/3 x 4 sets



    A) back squat: 8 x 4sets @ 60%

    B1) Pendlay rows: 10 x 3 sets (AHAP)

    B2) Turkish get ups: 10 x 3 sets (AHAP)

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