• 7/31/14

    This is the last 1RM testing day of this cycle. It was short, only 6 weeks. Don't be surprised if you don't hit a PR, especially if you hit one 6 weeks ago. Our next strength cycle is going to be MUCH longer (12-16 weeks).


    Dues for August need to be in by the 5th (Tuesday).


    Strength: ​20 minutes to establish 1RM C&J


    Conditioning: AMRAP 16 minutes:

    -16 front rack lunges (95/65)

    -16 push press (95/65)

    -16 pull ups

    -16 T2B

    * Please protect your hands!!! This is a lot of hanging from the bar.

  • 7/30/14 CrossFit

    Stef and I return from California tomorrow. Though, I won't be in to teach classes until Thursday. From the reports I've been getting, many people got PRs on their squats, 2000m row, and snatches. Considering this was a relatively short strength cycle, it is a good sign. Please be sure to thank Sam, Jenn, and Mike for all the extra help last week and this week! You will be testing 1RM C&J on Thursday.

     Please make sure you are doing ALL of your strength and skill work. I put the strength/skill work in the programming for a reason. If you skip it, half ass it, or don't do it all you won't be getting newer/harder skills as fast as the others who are actually doing it. Also the percentages are on lifts aren't just for show... USE them!!!


    Strength: Good mornings  8 x 4sets (keep these light since you 1 RM C&J tomorrow)


    Skill: 5 dips + ME L-hold/tuck hold on rings x 3sets (make sure to write down how long you hold on each set)



    6 rounds for time:

    -200m run

    -25ft handstand walk (3 wall walks is the MOD)

    *20 minute cap*


  • 7/29/14 CrossFit

    The website is doing something screwy today... Sorry if the post looks funny.


    Strength: 20 minutes to find 1RM snatch


    Skill: pull up progressions



    AMRAP 11 minutes:

    -11 alternating KB snatches/arm (24kg/16kg

    -11 box jumps (30"/24")

  • 7/28/14 CrossFit

    Strength: back squats: 1RM (warm up sets are on the board)

    Skill: bar muscle ups/progressions


    2000m row for time (THIS SHOULD BE A PR ATTEMPT!!!)

  • 7/24/14 CrossFit

    Strength: snatch + OHS: 50%/3+3 x 2sets, 60%/ 2+2 x 2sets

    Skill:  ME T2B x 3 sets

    Conditioning:  For time:

    -20 barbell lunges (95/65)

    -15 lateral (over bar) burpees

    -10 wallballs (20/14)

    -500m row

    -10 wallballs (20/14)

    -15 lateral (over bar) burpees

    -20 barbell lunges (95/65)

  • 7/23/14 CrossFit

    Stef and I will be going to California for the CrossFit Games. I will be gone Thursday-Tuesday. Sam, Jenn, and Mike M. will be running classes. While I am gone the rules don't change! The only people parking in the lower lot will be coaches and moms/dads with babies. If you need anything ask one of the coaches or if they can't help I will have my phone on me.

    Strength:  1 RM deadlift (warm up sets/% are on the board)

    *Those of you who did this last night at barbell club will do something different.

    Skill: 5 ring dips + 30 sec L-hold/tuck hold


    EMOM 12 minutes:

    -Even: 20 double under + 5 C2B pull ups

    -Odd: 20 double unders + 5 KB swings (32kg/24kg)

  • 7/22/14 CrossFit

    CFS Summer Clean Eating Challenge Rules:

    1) You will weight in each week. This is the only time I want you on a scale. If I see you weighing yourself throughout the week you will lose 5 points for that week.

    2) You will have you body fat % tested on the 1st week and final week.

    3) You must be weighed in and turn in your weekly points sheet by Tuesday of each week. Any late sheets will receive 1/2 points for that week.

    3) You can gain a point each day for the following:

    -Eating 5+ servings of veggies a day


    - Drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water

    - sleeping 7+ hours each night

    - coming to the gym (up to 5 points total each week)

    - performing 15 minutes of mobility work (What you do in class does NOT count!)

    - 3 bonus points will be awarded if you drank no alcohol all week.

    - There will be a couple occasions where you can gain other bonus points as well

    4) You can follow any diet you wish (Paleo, zone, etc) as long as it includes no processed foods

    5) The 1st week of the challenge will begin on MONDAY JULY 28th.

    6) The cost will be $5 per person to enter.

    7) Prizes will be awarded to the person with the most points, person with the most lbs of weight loss, and person with the greatest loss in body fat %

    8) I will have the points sheets at the gym.

    Strength: clean + jerk: 50%/3+3 x 2sets,  60%/2+2 x sets

    Skill: ME handstand holds x 3 sets


    AMRAP 10 minutes:

    -10 push ups

    -10 sit ups (butterfly)

    -10 squats

  • 7/21/14

    I will be posting all the info, rules, paperwork, etc. for the clean eating challenge TONIGHT. It is going to start next week, but I want to give you all a few days to ask questions, work out any issues, and go grocery shopping.

    Strength: back squat: 50%/10, 60%/7, 70%/5 x 2sets 

    *This is a deload week for squats. You will retest 1RM back squat next week.

    Skill: 10 minutes to find MAX height box jump

    Conditioning: For time:

    -400m run

    -30 power snatches (95/55)

    -400m run

    -20 power snatches (115/75)

    -400m run

    -10 power snatches (135/85)

  • 7/17/14 Barbell


    A) 2 hang cleans + 2 OHS: 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%

    B) snatch high pulls: 3 x 4sets @ 110%


    A) dead lift: 3 x 2 sets @ 85%, 2 x 2sets @95%, 1 x 2 sets @ 100%

    B) windshield wipers: 10/side x 3 sets

  • 7/17/14 CrossFit


    A1) GHD sit ups 10 x 5sets

    A2) reverse hyper 10 x 5sets


    2 minute push up test (This is a mid program retest, so you will see another retest in a few weeks.)

    Conditioning: "Nicole" AMRAP 20 minutes:

    -400m run

    - ME pull ups

    * You will record 2 scores. 1) total rounds of running 2) total pull ups

  • 7/16/14 CrossFit

    If any of you have noticed the pattern, yes we are doing a "benchmark" week as far as the conditioning goes.

    For those of you interested in watching the CrossFit Games this year, it will be aired on ESPN/2/3 each of the days. You won't have to watch it live on a computer or wait a few months for it to be aired on TV Here is the link:



    snatch + OHS: 70%/3+3, 80%/2+2, 90%/1+1, 95%-100%/1+1


     ME handstand holds x 3sets


    "Fight Gone Bad" 3 rounds:

    -1 minute ME wall balls (20/14)

    -1 minute ME SDHP (75/55)

    -1 minute ME box jumps (20")

    -1 minute ME push press (75/55)

    -1 minute ME row (calories

    -1 minute of REST

    * Score is the total reps for all 3 rounds combined.

  • 7/14/14 CrossFit

    Thank you again to all who help with painting the box this weekend. It looks badass!

    Sam/Jenn/Mike M. will be running this classes this evening. Stef and I will be at the viewing for Stef Grandpap.


    A) deadlift: 1 x 5sets @95%

    B) bench press: 75%/5, 85%/3, 95%/1, 101%/1 x 3sets

    * When you move to 101% your 1st set should be just slightly above your current 1RM. If you have a 1RM or 200#, then your sets would start at 205#. After the 1st set you can increase as much/little as you like. Many of you like to jump immediately to 20# over your last PR and end up failing over and over since you tired yourself out with an overly heavy attempt.


     ME T2B x 3 sets


    7 minutes in Heaven


    2012 Open WOD 12.1


    Dont cherry pick this WOD


    7 minutes of BURPEES

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